HD 720pCMOS & Image Processor

Almost Three years in the making, the team at Searcher Camera set out to break all existing standards for portable and affordable inspection scopes.  We placed the bar at the top to achieve an HD 720p CMOS and LED lighting that is as small as a #2 Ticonderoga .  This image is rev. 1 and we just made it brighter, faster and more efficient than before; so quick; and you didn't feel a thing. 
The Technology built into Searcher Camera is mind boggling; all you are looking at is the tip of the solution.  There is just as much technology designed into the handle.  No compromises on design or quality here, this is designed, engineered and built in the USA.  If you have an accident and crack something, send it to us and we will swap out the broken component and send your Searcher Camera back to you from our California office for many more years of hard work.  Try doing that with most Pacific rim imports.  

What else is brewing at Searcher Camera

What's inside the handle