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favorite activity : besides golf 

favorite activity : besides golf 



 Jeff was born and raised in the central valley of California. 
 He started in the construction trade as a carpenter at the age of 18 . By age 25 he was a job superintendent for a large developer in Fresno, ca doing multifamily projects, custom homes and PUD's.

He passed the California state contractors licenseboard test in 1989 at age 28 and became a licensed general contractor.
His main scope of construction has been residential custom homes with some light commercial work. Various construction projects have taken Jeff all over the state, from Lake Tahoe to San Diego but mainly working out of Auburn in Northern California building spec houses.  He has always looked forward to the next great project.

 To this day, on every project he works right along side his crew. He believes that quality tools are a must in every trade and one of the main reasons why we wanted to build the Searcher Camera from the ground up. 

Designed, engineered and built in the USA. That's what we wanted and that's what we got. 






Peter was raised in  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and selected a college with a strong business environment  in Dallas.  After his studies at SMU, he went into the high tech field  of personal computers marketing computer system integration services and projects at MicroSolutions.  The growth of the networked PC was exploding worldwide and this transformation to distributed networks  took him to San Francisco, California. 

The entrepreneur bug bit in the mid 90's and he started his first consulting company that lead to another successful start-up in the high definition  Video Conferencing integration business.  Having an eye for technology and openness for the leading edge innovation that will serve the customer best; he was enamored by today's smart devices and how they could be applied to yesterdays tools.

It was during these installations that Searcher Camera was born.  One job with his business partner Jeff in particular created so much frustration and angst that the concept invented itself.  With a background in computer technology and networking it was a natural fit. 


Searcher Camera booth at Phoenix Sports Expo

Searcher Camera booth at Phoenix Sports Expo

Hardware engineers make CAD adjustments on the Prototype

How it happened

The idea for a Searcher Camera came from an actual need on a job. We were attempting to pull low voltage cables through a finished interior wall. A job that should have been a cinch. But something was blocking the cable pull. We fought it for over an hour - if we could just see what was causing the hang up, we could make some decisions. That wasn't going to happen unless we tore open the wall.

That was the day Searcher Camera was born. We immediately began looking into available inspection scopes or borescopes. We knew there were expensive solutions like the ones plumbers had used for years. But we had no use for a 75lb, 200ft spool of cable attached to a clumsy big screen. 

We wanted a high quality, HD camera that transmitted images to a readily available, HD display screen. In short, we needed a superior quality, wireless device that could transmit images to portable tablets or smart phones.

The design and engineering of Searcher Cameras are based around one directive - engineer the best device possible and build it in the United States. Hence, Searcher Cameras are made from components provided by companies like Texas Instruments and developed by designers and engineers right here in the United States. 

We’re convinced trade industries are ready for and need a high-tech tool like the Searcher Camera.  

Might just be the COOLEST tool you'll ever own !   ~ Jeff V.

To learn more about this Searcher Camera send us a request:  Sales@SearcherCamera.com